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Welcome To Bradley and Umars Business Network and Property Investment Consortium. Where Private Investors Collaborate and Grow To Achieve Outstanding Property Asset and Business Growth Results

Introducing a New Era of Business Growth and Property Investment:


Bradley Chapman and Umar Hussain Unveil a Dynamic Business Network and Property Investment Consortium in Chelmsford, Essex – In an era where collaboration and support are paramount, two remarkable individuals are embarking on an inspiring journey to unite business owners, entrepreneurs, and property investors.


Bradley Chapman and Umar Hussain, lifelong friends and driven visionaries, have joined forces to launch an extraordinary venture: a Business Network and Property Investment Consortium that promises to revolutionize the way we approach business and property asset wealth.


With a shared passion for empowering like-minded individuals, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion, Bradley and Umar embody the spirit of unity and mutual success. Drawing from their nearly two decades of friendship, they have conceived a unique platform that fosters genuine connections, nurtures growth, and propels businesses towards unparalleled achievements.


As the world faces unprecedented challenges, business owners find themselves in need of unwavering support and a network of peers who understand their journey. The Business Network, operating both through a live, in-person setting in Chelmsford, Essex, and an innovative online platform accessible to entrepreneurs nationwide, provides a sanctuary where professionals can freely discuss their businesses, share insights, and forge powerful alliances.


Beyond the confines of traditional networking, Bradley and Umar’s vision extends to providing comprehensive entrepreneurial training, guidance, and mentoring. Embracing the cutting-edge tools of the digital age, including the utilization of AI, they aim to equip members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


In addition to the Business Network, Bradley and Umar are spearheading a formidable Property Investment Consortium. With a discerning eye for opportunities, they explore distressed property assets ranging from houses, land, public houses, and holiday parks to residential parks and major development projects. Meticulously vetting each potential investment, they ensure that only the most lucrative and promising assets are considered. Investments begin at an accessible threshold of just 10,000 pounds, and all acquisitions are safeguarded within a limited UK company, prioritizing the protection of both investors and assets.


Looking toward the future, the dynamic duo envisions a down-to-earth and thriving business network, where select members will have the chance to collaborate and invest alongside Bradley and Umar themselves. These exciting prospects open doors for individuals seeking unparalleled opportunities in the ever-evolving property market, where motivated sellers and untapped potential await.


Bradley’s vast experience, spanning over 35 years in the realms of business and entrepreneurship, has seen him collaborate with esteemed figures, including a UK billionaire property developer. Meanwhile, Umar stands as a respected local businessman in Chelmsford, at the helm of the leading private hire taxi cab company, boasting an extensive fleet of 150 drivers serving various parts of Essex.


Join Bradley Chapman and Umar Hussain on this remarkable journey, as they forge a community of like-minded individuals, set to transform the landscape of business networking and property investment. Exciting times lie ahead, where inspiration, trust, and unwavering dedication pave the way for limitless success.


Welcome to Thrive Builders Where You Grow Your Business Network and Invest In Property

What Property Assets Do We Source, Secure, Purchase and Develop For Resale Or Long Term Rental And Retained Portfolio Assets

New Build
Public House Conversions
Buy Refurb and Resale
Commerical Properties

Land Development
Holiday, Leisure and Residential Parks
Family Homes

What Property Project Investment Levels Do we Look At?

We look at property project investments between £500,000 – £5 million

Do You Train and Educate People In Property Development

Yes We Do. We are due to launch a property trainning sevice to our clients and members. Our investors can choose to learn about property when they invest directly in one of our projects. Non investor clients can access our property training videos and classes as well as live events that we plan to deliver.

How Do We Work With Our Investors?

We invite private investors to collaborate and grow with us. Our investors come from all walks of life. Existing business owners, retired and working professionals as well members and clients who already know us that make recommendations to us. We source our property project opportunities through a wide range of online, offline methods as well on book and off book opportunities. We may look at, view and inspect 10-15 properties or more before we consdier making an offer. Our investors work with us either on a hands off or hand on learning approach.


As standard we source, secure and project manage the development asset, taking the project through to completion for sale (1 year to 18 months) or hold and genreate a rental income (long term 3-5 years). Upon sale of the asset the net profits are split on a 50-50% basis. Each property asset project is held within its own LTD company structure, where Umar and Bradley are directors and our investors are shareholders in order to protect their investment and asset visibility.


Our invesment commitment levels start from £10k – £500k. Our investors commit to an amount investment. Once we have sourced a financially viable project we send an email out to our investors list and they decide based on the project merits, what level of investment they wish to engage with. 

We must ensure that we meet meet the investment raise value quickly once we have found a suitable property to buy and develop. We then add our new private investor the the LTD company as a shareholder of his share ownership %.


Once we have reached the full investment requirement we make the best offer we can for the asset to be purchased. We proceed to purchase completion and then commence the property build and rennovation, including any planning application process requirements necessary. The project is managed by us all the way to completion of the build. The property is either then sold or held and retained with an anual rental income yield (as per the initial property project requirements and outline).


At this stage we either settle with our investors and make payment for 50% of the net profit or the property is retained with a rental income yield.


What Is Your Business Network and How Do We Connect and Join

Our live in person business network is based in Chelmsford Essex (Widford Industrial Estate). We run a live evening business networking meet up every Wednesday at 7pm-9.30 pm where our members and clients can meet and join us for an evening of inspired business and entrepeneur networking, sharing and growing together. Our primary mission is to bring business owners and entreprenuers together that have an exiting or new interest in business and entrepreneurship as well building and growing a property asset growth portolio.


We also welcome biulding trades and services members from solicitors and lawyers who specialise in property as well a full range or building services owners such as plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, electrcians, renewable energy, roofing specialists, windows and doors suppliers and installers, builders merchants, estate agents, mortgage advisors, tax accountants, plasterers, painters and decorators, cctv, sound and vision, aerial installers, ground workers, planning specialists and architects, cladding, rendering and  monocouche, boiler suppliers, landscape gardeners, home office and garden room suppliers and installers, website developers and graphic designers, scafolding, tilers.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs through a dynamic business network and transformative property development group. We foster meaningful connections, provide valuable resources, and create opportunities for growth. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity, we aim to inspire and support our members in achieving their business goals and realizing their fullest potential. As part of our dedication to making a positive impact, we also strive to give back to our communities through philanthropic initiatives that create sustainable and inclusive opportunities for all”


This mission statement reflects core values of empowerment, connection, excellence, innovation, and community impact. It highlights the company’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and driving transformative property development while emphasizing the importance of giving back

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