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Bradley is a dynamic and inspirational business consultant, coach and mentor. He brings an incredible level of passion, integrity and experience during his events delivery. He has a wide range of business skills and expertise. An entrepreneur in his own right. He lights up rooms and the people within them. Booking one of Bradley’s events will help to to visualise and focus on your ultimate definite goal.

Pushing Your Mind and Mental Ability to the Absolute Limits Showing You Who You Really Are And What You Are Truly Capable of.

“The Only People That Fail Are The Ones Who Face Setbacks And Give Up On Themselves. Don't Ever Give Pp And Don't Get Bitter, Just Get Better”

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Anyone that is motivated to achieve success has a dream and a vision of what that success looks like. No man or woman is an island and it takes a village of people to really truly achieve success. I have learned throughout my life that we must choose our village people/ members carefully. I was also told by a great man, my mentor Alfie best that a pauper at the king’s table will always eat but a king at a pauper’s table will starve. 

This had a profound effect on me and my journey because when Alfie Best said that to me, I thought “I’m not a pauper” but then I realised what he meant. He meant to surround yourself with kings, because it is the kings that have the knowledge, wisdom, power, experience and above all a connected network, a hub of a whole village of kings. Since Alfie said that to me, I haven’t stopped thinking about the power of all of us leveraging our connecting network and taking it to the next level. Because as we know, kings are also king makers. We all can become a king in our own sector. 

Choose your king wisely. So by creating a business network and by choosing who we bring through to the network, we are giving people an opportunity to invest in a consortium where kings are guiding our success, this is my concept but this is our network.

Bradley Chapman Business Consultant High Level Entrepreneur and Wealth Creator

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