Bradley Chapman

Chelmsfords Premier Private Members Business Club
For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and High Performing
Career Individuals

Welcome to Privata Club, the epitome of exclusivity and business connectivity entrepreneur networking and business legacy growth in the heart of Chelmsford.

As we eagerly anticipate our grand opening, we invite you to become part of the Privata Club Legacy reimagined for today’s dynamic business leaders.

Privata Club is more than just a venue; it’s a vibrant community where ideas flourish, partnerships are forged, and success is celebrated. Our members, ranging from ambitious startups to established business magnates, enjoy a unique blend of tradition and innovation, luxury and comfort.

Our venue offers unparalleled access to a range of facilities designed to cater to every aspect of your professional and leisure needs. From the sophisticated ambiance of our members’ bar and eatery to the intellectual stimulation of our reading room, every detail is curated to enhance your experience. Engage in strategic discussions at our hot desks, unwind on the outdoor terrace, or challenge a peer to a friendly game in our snooker room.

As a member, you’ll enjoy a bi monthly evening Club Privata events. Our weekly happy hours, members’ private wine cellar, and catered events provide perfect settings for business connectivity and relaxation.

Join us as we celebrate our launch event reflecting on the clubs rich history and commitment to the future of business excellence. At Privata Club, you’re not just joining a club; you’re becoming part of a fraternity of capable, like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and high performing career professionals.

Embrace the opportunity to grow, network, and succeed.

We look forward to welcoming you to Privata Club – where business meets legacy.

To Our Combined Success

Best Wishes 

Bradley Chapman and Umar Hussain

Chelmsfords Premier Private Members Business Club
For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and High Performing
Career Individuals

Our Esteemed Members: The Heart of Privata Club

At Privata Club, we take pride in the diversity and caliber of our members. Our community is a vibrant tapestry of both active and retired business owners, innovative entrepreneurs, and high-performing individuals from various sectors. Each member brings a unique perspective, enriching our club with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our active business owners are the driving force of commerce and innovation. They range from pioneering startups to leaders of established enterprises, representing the dynamic spirit of modern entrepreneurship. Their day-to-day engagement in the business world brings current insights and trends to the heart of our club’s discussions and events.

Retired business owners in our club are the pillars of wisdom and experience. Having navigated the highs and lows of their respective industries, they offer invaluable mentorship and guidance to younger members, sharing lessons learned from a lifetime of leadership.

Entrepreneurs in our midst are the bold visionaries, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They infuse our club with fresh ideas and disruptive thinking, essential for staying ahead in today’s fast-paced world.

High-performing individuals, be they in corporate roles or other professional arenas, add to the diversity of our club. They are the achievers, the strategists, and the thought leaders in their fields, contributing depth and breadth to our collective expertise.

Together, our members create a rich ecosystem of support, learning, and opportunity. At Privata Club, connections are made, ideas are born, and successes are celebrated, all within an environment that values excellence and achievement.

Join us at Privata Club, where your journey of growth and success continues in the company of the best and brightest.

Cultivating Success Together at Privata Club

At Privata Club, nestled in the heart of Chelmsford, we understand that privacy and exclusivity aren’t just preferences; they are essentials. In a world where discretion is increasingly valued, we stand as a bastion of confidentiality and exclusivity. Our name, ‘Privata’, derived from the Latin for ‘private’, is a testament to the sanctity with which we treat our members’ privacy.

Unwavering Commitment to Confidentiality:

  • Discreet Membership: In line with our commitment to privacy, the identities of our members are closely guarded secrets. We ensure that membership lists are never published or disclosed.
  • Private Transactions: All transactions and interactions within the club are conducted with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your affairs remain your own.

An Exclusive Sanctuary:

  • Selective Membership: Our rigorous selection process ensures that only like-minded individuals who share our values of respect and discretion become part of our community.
  • Secure Environment: Equipped with state-of-the-art security, including key card entry and CCTV, our club offers a safe haven where members can relax, discuss, and network without concern.

A Culture of Respect:

  • Mutual Trust: We foster an environment where trust is paramount. Members are encouraged to respect the privacy of their fellow members, creating a harmonious and secure community.
  • Confidentiality Agreements: All members and staff adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, ensuring that what happens in Privata Club, stays in Privata Club.


At Privata Club, we don’t just offer a space for networking and business growth; we provide a sanctuary where exclusivity and privacy are woven into the very fabric of our existence. Here, you can be assured that your privacy is revered, your conversations are confidential, and your presence is among a select few. Welcome to Privata Club – where exclusivity meets discretion.

Cultivating Success Together at Privata Club

At Privata Club, we believe that the true measure of our success lies in the growth and achievements of our members. Our club is more than just a meeting place; it’s a thriving ecosystem where business ideas, connections, and invaluable advice converge to create a fertile ground for success and innovation.

A Hub of Shared Ideas:

  • Idea Exchange Forums: Regularly scheduled sessions where members can present their business ideas and receive constructive feedback from peers.
  • Innovation Workshops: Collaborative workshops focusing on emerging trends and technologies, guiding members to stay ahead of the curve.

Expanding Networks:

  • Structured Networking Events: Carefully curated events designed to foster meaningful connections among members from various industries.
  • Member Directory: An exclusive directory that allows members to easily connect with each other, based on industry, expertise, or interest.

Access to Expertise:

  • Mentorship Programs: Pairing seasoned professionals with newer entrepreneurs for guidance and support.
  • Expert Panels: Regular panels featuring successful business leaders and specialists offering insights and advice on a range of topics.

Supporting Growth:

  • Business Development Resources: Providing access to resources like market research, legal advice, and financial planning.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Encouraging members to collaborate on projects, leveraging the diverse skills within our community.

Success Stories:

  • Member Spotlights: Regularly featuring success stories of our members, celebrating their achievements and learning from their journeys.
  • Feedback Loop: Encouraging a culture of open feedback, where members can learn from both successes and challenges.


At Privata Club, we are committed to creating an environment where every member has the opportunity to grow, succeed, and contribute. By sharing our knowledge, networks, and experiences, we not only enhance our individual businesses but also strengthen the collective power of our community. Join us, and be part of a journey where your success story becomes an integral chapter in the story of Privata Club.

Privata Club Property Consortium: Building Our Legacy Together

Welcome to an exciting chapter in the story of Privata Club, where we extend an exclusive invitation to our members to join the Privata Property Consortium. This initiative is not just an investment opportunity; it’s a collective journey towards building a lasting legacy in the world of property development. As a member of our esteemed club, you are poised to be a part of this unique venture, combining the strength and diversity of our community to make a lasting impact in the real estate market.

How It Works:

  • Inclusive Investment Tiers: With various levels of investment, the consortium is accessible to all members, regardless of their investment capacity.
  • Collective Wisdom: Our property choices are driven by the collective insights and expertise of our members, ensuring informed and democratic decision-making.
  • Growth with Diversity: We aim to diversify our property portfolio with projects that not only promise growth but also contribute to our enduring legacy.

The Benefits:

  • Harnessing Shared Knowledge: Leverage the vast real estate experience and acumen within our club to make smarter investment choices.
  • Balanced Risk: The power of group investing allows for a more balanced risk profile, providing a safer approach to property development.
  • Legacy Returns: As our consortium flourishes, so does your investment, contributing to both financial returns and the building of a lasting legacy.


Our Vision: Our ambition is to forge a formidable property consortium that is a testament to the skills, ambitions, and legacy aspirations of our members. We believe that by pooling our resources and expertise, we can make strategic investments that not only benefit us today but also leave a lasting imprint for future generations.

Join us in this venture of legacy-building where our combined strengths create a powerful impact in the property market. The Privata Property Consortium is more than just an investment group; it’s a commitment to creating a legacy that transcends time and benefits all members of our club.

Join the Privata Club Waiting List: Your Pathway to Exclusive Membership

Embark on the journey to becoming a part of Privata Club, a realm of exclusivity and privilege. As we uphold the highest standards of privacy and distinction, entry into our esteemed club is a testament to your status and credibility. To ensure the integrity and exclusivity of our community, we invite you to join our waiting list, the first step towards membership.

Verification for Trust and Safety:

  • Mandatory ID Verification: In keeping with our commitment to security and trust, all potential members must undergo a verification process. This requires a valid UK or International ID, ensuring that we maintain a safe and reputable environment for all our members.
  • Discreet yet Thorough: Our verification process is conducted with the utmost discretion and efficiency, respecting your privacy while ensuring the integrity of our club.

The Waiting List Process:

  • Application Submission: Express your interest by submitting a preliminary application to join our waiting list.
  • Review and Verification: Our team will review your application and conduct the necessary ID verification.
  • Invitation to Membership: Once verified and approved, you will receive an exclusive invitation to join Privata Club, granting you access to a world of unparalleled opportunities and connections.


    Joining the waiting list is more than a procedural step; it’s your entry into a community where exclusivity, privacy, and excellence converge. We look forward to welcoming you to Privata Club, where your journey into a world of elite networking and opportunity awaits.